Monday, December 7, 2009


What am I taking?

Kayaking Equipment
- Necky Kayaks Looksha 1V
- 2 Werner Paddles Ikelos, bent shaft
- Razdex spray skirt
- Kokatat Expedition Gore-Tex dry suit
- Kokatat personal flotation device
- Teva sandals
- Helmet
- Pump
- Flares
- Pogies
- Bolle sunglasses

Camping Equipment
- Macpac Hemisphere tent (strengthened with Valances)
- Exped Sleeping bag
- Thermorest sleeping mat
- MSR stove, fuel bottles
- MSR Pot and cookware
- MSR miniworks water filter

Communication and Navigation
- Garmin GPS
- Deck Compass
- Laminated Charts
- Iridium Sat phone
- VHF radio
- Binoculars
- Asus Eee PC laptop
- Global Network tracking device

Filming/Photography and storage
- 2 Sony CX500V High definition Camcorders
- Underwater camera housing (for the camera mounted on kayak)
- 2 LaCie Rugged 500 G external hardrives
- Pelican waterproof cases
- Microphone, spare batteries, extra memory cards and other paraphernalia
- Solar panel and battery for recharging
- Nikon Coolpix Digital Camera

- Harvest Foods Freeze dried food packages
- Clif bar assortment of energy, protein bars
- Water bottles
- Kayak repair kit
- Multitools
- Clothing
- Journal and pen
-Mustang flotation jacket and pants for sail across
-First Aid kit with GOOD sea sickness medication!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Harvest Foodworks vegetarian freeze-dried meals

The wind howled last nite and twice I went out in search of even biggger boulders to put on pre-exisitng boulders, the gusts made my hair curl and I wouldn't be surprised that by the time I get to a mirror, a few extra greys may be there. Watch out Elephant seals, I'll be tying me and my kayak to them if the wind gets any stronger. I'm loving my hot dinners, deliciously tasty and instant, gourmet meals in a bag - Harvest Foodworks you rock!

Equipment Reviews by Hayley Shephard

I will be commenting on my equipment soon.